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Frankie and Sue
Frankie and Sue

This site was created to introduce you to essential oils and how the safe use of them can produce results with which you may never have thought possible.

They can calm, relieve pain and often lessen trips to the doctor.  These wonderful scents can easily involve the whole family, and what could be better than everyone in the family participating in their health.

Aroma Essentials and Healthy Alternatives have forged a partnership in order to offer people new to the essential oils experience an education on their wonderful advantages.  Since 2006 they have been teaching small classes on how to use essential oils safely, what to look for when buying essential oils and the responsibility of the user when using essential oils.

Sue Jones is the sole owner of Aroma Essentials and is a certified aromatherapist.  She works closely with clinical aroma therapists regarding any questions she feels unqualified to address independently.  She has been in the health field for over 20 years and believes deeply in natural healing whenever possible.  Her introduction to essential oils in 2000 caused a major paradigm shift, and as her passion grew so has her concern that carelessness in the industry could result in a loss of the essential oils with which she has come to love.                                 

Frankie Holzbach is the sole owner of Healthy Alternatives and is an essential oils instructor working with Sue.  Frankie met Sue in 1996 when she first began to look at natural health issues as a logical means of staying healthy and avoiding the pill/shot syndrome that seemed to be so common among her friends. The women formed a team wherein they continue today helping, suggesting, providing information on meaningful, logical health practices.   

The Philosophy of Aroma Essentials

Our philosophy of "Less Is More" is not popular among most multilevel companies in the industry since selling less oil equals less income.  Obviously by using less, the oil does last longer but using more than necessary is neither economical nor responsible.

Although we do sell oils, our main purpose is to educate anyone ready to learn about the wonderful benefits of essential oils.. Since we are not a multilevel company, we do not have the added burden of commissions that create higher prices.  
Integrity is the main component of who we are, and what we believe should determine the path we are on.

It took a lot of research to find a company that has the integrity we were seeking, and we couldn't be more pleased that we, not only found such a company, but the owner has become a friend and adviser for when questions beyond our knowledge arise.  
The owner is a clinical aromatherapist, employs two more clinical aromatherapists and several certified aromatherapists, massage therapists and nurses.  She travels extensively to introduce and teach hospitals and hospice how to use essential oils with their patients.  
The benefit to us is that we have hospital-grade essential oils.  We do not require our students to purchase oils from us, but once they've experienced our oils, they often love them as much as we do.

If you are associated with an essential oils multi-level company and plan to sell essential oils, this class is not geared for you.    We recommend you get your training from your company to better understand the intention of the company producing the essential oils (specifically the individual blends).


  • Saturday, January 20 - February 17
  • Saturday, February 24- March 23
  • Thursday, April 11 - May 9

  • Classes meet once a week for 5 consecutive weeks.
  • Saturdays:  1:30 - 3:00 pm
  • Thursday evenings  7:00 - 8:30 pm

  • Accepting Registrations:
  • Call Sue @ 269-779-0236