Aroma Essentials

Marjoram flowering
Marjoram flowering

The Advantages of 
Essential Oils

  1. Oils are a natural alternative to many over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
  2. There are no side effects when used properly (which is why it is important to learn the appropriate use of the oils and why we teach classes).
  3. Oils enter the body quickly to give relief and leave quickly when no longer needed.
  4. They have "cell recall" which means when you return to using an oil you've used previously, your cells will recall its earlier use and react faster and favorably.
  5. Oils work with the body NOT AGAINST IT.
  6. Compared to prescriptions, oils are inexpensive, non-addictive and compact to carry and use.
  7. Oils have many benefits:  physically - mentally - emotionally - spiritually.
  8. They can be used whenever, wherever and however long you choose.
  9. Use them in your home, garden, on the job or in your car.  
  10. You can share them with friends and give them as gifts.
  11. Some of the scents make marvelous non-chemical perfumes that won't annoy people around you.
  12. Allergies are not a problem because the only chemicals in essential oils are natural and plant-sourced.
  13. The biggest side effect with essential oils is that you will feel better.