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There is so much to learn that five weeks is not nearly enough to cover everything.  We have been learning since 2000 and respect the amount of information we have gleaned during that time as well as how much we have yet to learn about the wonder of essential oils.  

We cover 100 plus essential oils in the five week class, but there is access to many more oils than we can begin to touch on, and a manual of topics we cover in class is assembled to provide a reference source that is helpful once the class ends.  With so much information to share with our students, we also provide free consultations separate from class time.

We are not associated with a multi-level a.k.a. MLM or Networking oils company.  As a matter of fact, we searched at length seeking a company that was not multi-level but had the integrity we believe is necessary to assure the essential oils are as pure and uncontaminated as is stated on the label.  It took some time, but we have never been more confident we made the best choice for us and for the people to whom we teach and provide oils.

It should be noted that, if you are a distributor with another company and are looking for education on their oils, we are not able to teach you what your own company can or should be teaching you.  Due to the source of the oils, the testing, the marketing and, of course, the integrity of other companies, we would be in conflict not only with our principles but with the information that we teach as opposed to what they may teach.

We believe and teach that "Less Is More" because, with our essential oils, it is true.  We can find no reason for anyone to use more than is necessary to get results other than to sell more oils by using more, and such reasoning has no place here.  Yes, we do sell oils, but our main purpose is to educate on how to use the oils effectively and safely.

We do not sell introductory or starter kits either.  We believe if someone has an immediate problem, it should be addressed first, and those are the oils we will recommend.  To sell a kit may result in a collection of some essential oils that are never used.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we began to limit our classes to four people at a time since that is all the room we have sitting around the kitchen table.  Our hope is that everyone in attendance will be comfortable and feel included in our discussions.  It is not party time or a night out, but we do feel that in order to enjoy the time spent requires sharing stories and experiences as well as serious guidance.  

We are Aroma Essentials

Sue Jones, owner Aroma Essentials, certified aromatherapist, has been interested in all health issues since 1995.  Her introduction to essential oils occurred in 2000 and has evolved over the years during which she traveled across the country expanding her knowledge.  In 2006, realizing there is a major lack of education on the practical and safe use of the oils, she began dedicating her time and knowledge to changing "lack of" to true, educated interest.

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Frankie Holzbach, owner Healthy Alternatives, essential oils instructor, joined Sue in 1996.  They shared the same philosophy which provided the foundation for a life-long friendship.  Their belief that the safe use of essential oils is the most important factor necessary to keeping the oils available to the public gave them purpose, and over a period of years, the two persisted until gradually interested people were calling them to join their classes.  

Their association was built around providing help where they were able and making recommendations for other complementary sources when they were not.  While they do not feel a prescription is required for the simple cold or a headache, there are times when prescription medicine is necessary.  Their objection lies in the lack of an "exit plan" and the tendency to add on more and more prescriptions without eliminating those that haven't worked for the patient.